Sunday, December 15, 2013

WinVDR Pro 3.7.0 Build 110 [32-Bit] (by IGOR.UKR)

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Version: 3.7.0 Build 110
Category: Multimedia|Video|Encoders/Converter/DIVX Related
Developer: artech365
Size: 13 mb

WinVDR Pro

WinVDR Pro torrent

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What is new:

WinVDR (VCR divxwmvmpgmp4) you DivX / AVI / WMV / MPG (VCD / SVCD) / MP4 (Quicktime that helps to create a software tool) to your video capture card (BT878848 s) and video clip files from your soundcard. WinVDR Pro includes a mixer to help you monitor audio input level. You can record directly to a real-time record divxmpgwmvmp4. It has a pause function. This is a simple and useful playlist, a long-time, high-speed assembly times and record the characteristics of the code systemIts FMS real-time video capture of her getting better. It is characterized by synchronized A / V dynamic range and low-AVI file writer. Video recording can be recorded directly from the real-time collection method divxwmvmpgmp4 Format video. , Using water filters for each video cublic, thus increasing the quality of the video quality., MMX / SSE capture, thus, considered to be the kernel code used to assemble a high-speed test improved.By, WinVDR * 384 real-time A capture MPEG4 / MPEG4 Vstream can use the Pentium 550 CPU. program 288 * 25 fps (PAL), and thus the quality of a CD can hold 180 minutes of video to VCD clip., provided by Microsoft WinVDR bypass AVI I / O API to handle, thus improving the speed. , WinVDR technology to synchronize the A / V asynchronism movement of the A / V has. A synchronization problem is solved for a long time without a video capture / V. breoken be a video, you can use the time to make the switch in time. When capturing, automaticly running sceensaver energy, prevents managers. Divxwmvmpgmp4 the system time automatically, depending on the file name of the product. Simple and Useful Playlist & Mixer included. Long recording time is limited by hard disk (you) to pause. Sound Level Monitor. Sound card, video capture card

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