Friday, December 6, 2013

HyperTerminal Private Edition 6.4 32bit-64bit Torrent Download

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Version: 6.4
Category: Internet|Other Internet Related
Developer: Hilgraeve
Size: 13 mb

HyperTerminal Private Edition

HyperTerminal Private Edition torrent

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What is new: Microsoft Windows security bug fixed. Microsoft VISTA compatibility. Supports VT320 terminal emulation, which is used by many businesses for access to applications running on UNIX and VMS host computers. Enhanced printing control for customers allows users to print through Windows' print driver or directly to the printer. Dozens of other quality improvements.

HyperTerminal Private Edition is stronger than the HyperTerminal application included with Windows 9x and NT 4.0.Hilgraeve began providing private editions free for personal use HyperTerminal shortly after Microsoft launched Windows 95, to meet the needs of end users and increase social awareness HyperAccess, its fully functional from which HyperTerminal product. Businesses and individuals who learn and Hilgraeve HyperAccess this way often buy HyperACCESS.-Define key macros, save keystrokes, or adapt systems that require key s special sequences or hosting commands. To assign passwords, user ID host commands to a single key. -Choose the size and color of the terminal screen to take advantage of host systems, that allow you to customize the number of rows and columns or displayed. -Set the program to quit automatically when you disconnect. Use pass-through printing systems to enable direct printing to the printer to the computer users. Zmodem-failover. -TCP/IP Support telnet access to sites on the Internet. Auto-Recall phone numbers busy. -Conducting multiple simultaneous telnet session. HTPE-set as default Telnet client. Terminal VT-220 Problems with the video driver to correct emulation introduced by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 nag-screen

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