Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jazler Radio SimplePack 2.4 r3 Torrent Download

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Version: 2.4 r3
Category: Internet|Internet Radio/TV Player
Developer: Jazler Radio and TV Automation
Size: 14 mb

Jazler Radio SimplePack

Jazler Radio SimplePack torrent

Good 13Bad5100% Clean

What is new:

Jazler SimplePack radio is best? COMES solutions? Tions for cheap and reliable radio automation software. JazlerRadio are u? Its user friendly and easy to use? IVa. Many on? Their clients and Do not need to see the help files to learn how it works. JazlerRadio been developed to u? User of he?? Use e easy to find? Rated for use in? Echna buttons and menus. MU? MiTV can? All the database features and tools on one screen without complicated and confusing menu!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Large Drive Tools 1.11 Torrent Download

Torrent Size: 212 Mb


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Version: 1.11
Category: System|Hard Disk Utils
Developer: SA Development
Size: 212 mb

Large Drive Tools

Large Drive Tools torrent

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What is new:

Large Drive Tool contains 16 packs useful features in a powerful tool to do low-level disk is a requirement for any computer user.Self-bootable disk or CD-ROM is not necessary?? Ama operating system to work. It features a front-? Gain competitive advantage over other disk utility without ba?? S on whether running in force, or that the operating system is compatible with a lot of Drive Tools. LDT starts itself and does not need?? Ama operating system -! It always works when you need it most?? Ams any BIOS support available trips, including a massive drive and RAID volume 200 + GB and higher. If your drive can boot the operating system, you can do it with the Big Drive 16 tools. Useful features already packs a powerful tool to do low-level disk is a requirement for any PC-user. delete all the drive will erase every industry available to the stronger one time or several random transfers withdrawal?? Session. It is very handy to have when selling or even discarding the old hard disk.-Self-bootable disk or CD-ROM is not necessary?? Ama operating system support function. Anywhere?? BIOS available for the trip includes a massive drives and RAID volumes and shows 200 + GB larger.-View Drive information as they?? S your BIOS recognizes the drive drive. Full-Scan for Media defect scan and see a display of bad sectors., View or Edit The split ?? Fav table partition table and allows any changes made.I-View looking for?? Anas or edit the whole disk allows the most detailed analysis of the job and level. sector repair will restore the Master Boot Record MBR code, if it is broken or not enough of the new operating system will boot Past the 1024th cylinder-Plus many more features.

DVD to AVI AC3 Ripper

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Category: CD/DVD Tools|CD/DVD Rip/Other Tools
Developer: DVD222 SOFTWARE INC
Size: 12 mb

DVD to AVI AC3 Ripper

DVD to AVI AC3 Ripper torrent

Good 16Bad1100% Clean

What is new:

DVD to AVI AC3 Ripper can convert DVD movie files to AVI, DivX, MPEG4, AC3 audio.It is a powerful DVD ripping and easy to use, and the conversion of the backup tool. The main features include: convert DVD to AVI, and DivX AC3, high-quality video and 6-channel audio, DVD title and selecting a probe ng audio language, optimized for Intel and AMD CPU.Requirements: 733 MHz CPU? 128MB of RAM? 4G free space on your hard drive? DVD-ROM drive? AC3Filter ( DivX Codec ( player based on Microsoft DirectX (such as Windows Media Player)

Monday, January 27, 2014

FormatFactory 3.1.1 Torrent Download

Torrent Size: 54 Mb


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Version: 3.1.1
Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Image Convertors
Developer: FormatFactory International Inc.
Size: 54 mb


FormatFactory torrent

Good 16Bad0100% Clean

What is new: Adjust GUI to support Win8 pad Adjust some profiles of video Fixed a bug of default bitrate and resolution algorithm Fixed a bug of subtitle Fixed problems of MP4 muxer

Format Factory is a powerful, easy to use and multifunctional media converter. This software comes with support for converting all popular video, audio, picture formats to other popular.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chameleon 2.0 Torrent Download

Torrent Size: 14 Mb


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Version: 2.0
Category: Security|Encrypting
Developer: Globe Masters Software
Size: 14 mb


Chameleon torrent

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What is new:

Chameleon is a useful and reliable?? Encrypt files too, allowing you to hide your files against unauthorized?? Appreciate access.Anyone with little knowledge of hacking can easily intercept va?? Your e-?? These or scan your?? Ego hard drive without your?? your knowledge or consent.By EV yttämällä file Chameleon, can?? send an e-?? anything on this?? want without attachments found! Hide most secret files chameleon, download or upload files to hide Street?? Nik Internet.Chameleon is so strong that not even a Server?? Li if you hide your files in a different inside.Chameleon allows you to hide files (all types of files), directory files by compressing (WinZip 1.0)?? Encryption (Double 128 bit?? Blowfish encryption fast algorithm (ASM)) on the fly by me?? them and their attachment to the host file after your?? s choice.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Startup Faster! 3.6.2011.14 64bit by babyface321 Torrent Download

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Version: 3.6.2011.14
Category: System|Launchers & Shutdown Tools
Developer: URSoft Inc
Size: 14 mb

Startup Faster!

Startup Faster! torrent

Good 11Bad2100% Clean

What is new:

Startup Faster! application was designed to be a revolutionary tool that makes your computer starts faster, can even protect your hard disk from sudden crash. Ever wondered why the top speed computer looks like a 286 while booting Windows? Now is not a problem!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Love Actually - Love Calculator CaMoKaT15

Torrent Size: 810 Mb


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Category: Others|Fun
Developer: DJ PIP
Size: 810 mb

Love Actually - Love Calculator

Love Actually - Love Calculator torrent

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What is new: Bug Fix.

A simple Love Calculator to test your suitability with someone. This advanced software can be used to determine the appropriate way, your choice of boyfriend / girlfriend or partner you may have! Enter the name and get instant results!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Speed Video Splitter 4.3.43 by oler55487 Torrent Download

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Version: 4.3.43
Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Editors
Developer: Flyers Software
Size: 13 mb

Speed Video Splitter

Speed Video Splitter torrent

Good 21Bad1100% Clean

What is new: Add flv,mov,3gp,mp4,iPod,iPhone,PSP,RM formats, now can convert between AVI(Divx,xDiv), MPEG-4, mpg(vcd,svcd,dvd compatible), wmv, asf, Quick Time, VOB,flv,mov,3gp,mp4,iPod,iPhone,PSP,RM.

Speed ​​Video Splitter is a video conversion application that allows you to split video files. Speed ​​Video Splitter also has very fast speed like Speed ​​Video Converter. You can share all supported video files by setting the startting and downtime. Speed ​​Video Splitter supports various video formats, such as AVI (DivX, xDiv), MPEG-4, MPEG (supports VCD, SVCD, DVD), WMV, ASF, QuickTime, VOB, DAT.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wondershare PDF to Word Converter 4.0.1 by sergev1 Torrent Download

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Version: 4.0.1
Category: Office tools|PDF
Developer: Wondershare Software
Size: 13 mb

Wondershare PDF to Word Converter

Wondershare PDF to Word Converter torrent

Good 25Bad3100% Clean

What is new: Improved quality of the output Microsoft Office documents Optimized main interface Supported auto detection of scanned PDF files

Wondershare PDF to Word Converter is an application that converts PDF documents to editable Word files. With PDF to Word converter, users can easily get the word documents for reusing and editing. original layout, text content, images, and hyperlinks can be well retained in the generated Word documents.