Saturday, December 28, 2013

WASP 1.31.8 Torrent Download

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Version: 1.31.8
Category: Internet|Internet Applications Addons|Mozilla Extensions
Developer: iPerceptions
Size: 13 mb


WASP torrent

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What is new: Optimized tool detection Added crawling feature, limited to 100 pages in this version Added "load file" & crawl, limited to 5 domains in this version Added Alexa ranking crawl, not visible publicly Log file contains timestamp, HTTP status, domain, tool type, tool name, page URL, tag URL Also logs "no tool" Add help for HBX Fixed sidebar refresh after pageload Detect AdSense Tweaked detection of Omniture SiteCatalyst Added tool type information Show "install" after upgrade

The Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) is a specialized extension aimed at analytics and online marketing professionals who want to do quality assurance and understand how their tags (web bugs) are performed. Moreover, this Firefox extension also comes with a powerful crawler.Provides detailed information about the collected trough Query String Filter and Cookies by web analytics solutions (called AGS, Rackers or web bug), ad networks, behavioral targeting data and multivariate testing tool. Includes more than 125 tools, including Google Analytics, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics, WebTrends and others. The free version is best for part-time analyst and occasional testing.

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