Monday, December 30, 2013

Stop Motion Pro 6.5 Installer DNEPR-BOT

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Version: 6.5
Category: Multimedia|Video|Other VIDEO Tools
Developer: Kudlian Soft
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Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro torrent

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What is new: For Schools and those new to animation: Multilingual switch between English, French, Spanish and German. New audio recorder, giving you the power to record live over your animation. New easy to use editor, with preview player and improved playback. Browse projects with a thumbnail image and preview player to find your projects quickly. WMV export options - share and edit films easily. More cameras - greater connectivity to cameras and capture cards. HD Edu (Education) Edition - full resolution and extra functionality Bundled with over 20 soundtracks and images for chromakey and rotoscope tools For Professionals and Higher Education: Nikon DSLR support. Support for Canon "Live View" DSLR cameras (100D, 450D, 40D, 1D MkIII and 1Ds MkIII), the ultimate video assist. Support for BlackMagic HD video capture cards (Intensity and Extreme). New looping modes for more precise feedback. HDR (High Dynamic Range) image capture compatibility for film-like latitude. C...

Stop Motion Pro is designed for use animation for users running Windows on your PC. Using a wide range of animation techniques, Claymation, pixillation, painting, drawing, time-lapse, motion capabilities endless.Stop Pro now provides many improved and enhanced to deliver benefits for teachers and students, while maintaining the ease of use and the famous flexibility.Junior version? Video can be captured from a digital camera or USB webcam? Supports one layer of the onion? Animation projects can be managed and stored on a server, accessible at any time from any connected PC. Traffic Network File minimized. ? Chroma Key and audio synchronization allow multiple media to be used in the animation. ? The time lapse feature automatically capture a series of frames. ? Animation is exported as an AVI file for universal compatibility with video editing tools. Education version? Supports Canon stills cameras? Includes Overlay, to help create animated motion? Enhanced export, higher frame rates and Rotoscope with AVI and JPG

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