Friday, November 22, 2013

Product CD Key Finder 1.2 [32-Bit] Torrent Download

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Version: 1.2
Category: Others|Miscellaneous
Developer: CheapShareware
Size: 12 mb

Product CD Key Finder

Product CD Key Finder torrent

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What is new:

Product CD Key Finder will easily retrieve CD Keys For Installed Microsoft Products.In to install or reinstall Microsoft products, including Office, Windows, Auto Route etc. You must have access to a product key for this version of the software. But, if you can no longer find the product key, you effectively lose license key.With CD Product Key Finder you can quickly restore CD Keys.Consider what happens if you lose the key. You lose money on software. Key Finder prevent these losses by keeping the product key. Use the search report key functions to keep your product keys on a separate disk, and protect your assets forever. Large companies track each software license you buy to protect their assets. Key Finder do the same for you.Here are some key features of the product CD Key Finder: Print your CD key for safe keeping? Create a txt report? Create an HTML report? Changing the Windows CD key? Copy to clipboard CD key? Prevent un authorized access by setting password requirements: System RAM 128mb? 8MB hard drive space? NET Framework 2.0Limitations.: Only displays the first five letters / numbers of your CD Key

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