Sunday, November 24, 2013

Instant LOCK 3.0.6 Torrent Download

Torrent Size: 14 Mb


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Version: 3.0.6
Category: Security|Encrypting
Developer: MTG Security
Size: 14 mb

Instant LOCK

Instant LOCK torrent

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What is new: Version 2.5 Multi-user / Multi password interface: This version has ability to serve more than 1 user. Each user can set/change his or her password independently from others. Users can set different passwords to hide different files or folders.

Instant Lock is an application security number? Ky. It protects? Va all? Private e and precious documents and programs from viruses, va? Even employees, children or anyone else. Okami? ITÁ LOCK data can lock files and thousands 100GB second! Simple? E drag your files, and it works! Now, va? E files can not be renamed, deleted or seen in other programs or persons. They are completely safe and protected and remain unreadable and invisible, and when? you start from another operating system! Windows and? All other programs can not access them. Nezaletí? Teenagers on what version of Windows is or what configuration va? Your PC has.Here are some key features of Instant LOCK:? Ease of use? SYNOPSIS: On? COMES main goal is to make it as easy as possible? Nah, backup files.? Security and Privacy: va? Valuable files and e va? Private e Do not risk not immediate? Dioxide lock.? Speed: Instant Lock is painfully slow, as well as many other programs.? Foolproofness: Okami? Important lock does not change va? Important e? Important files like other programs, or Ubli? It.? Reliability: Instant Lock is not weak, like many other programs.Limitations Folder Lock Guard Shield? 30 day experience? Withstand version.

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