Monday, November 18, 2013

DirectDVD [poqrhayk] Torrent Download

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DirectDVD torrent

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What is new: 3D Bookmarks, SRS Xtract, SRS Audio WOW HD.

DirectDVD is a digital music player and a full DVD decoding software for Windows that provides direct DVD movie the most powerful ability in your computer. With software decoding directdvds, you can watch all your favorite movieswith enhanced audio capabilities DVD, such as Dolby and SRS Circle Surround from Labs.? SRSDirectDVD 3D Headphone technology to provide the headphone 3D technology of SRS Labs - including WOWXT SRS / SRS WOWHD - Designed for users who want 5.1 or content types 3D broadcast AC3/DTS! Headphones turn you into an event full of drama? SRS Surround II and 6.1Expand loop input of your sound in 6.1 channels - 5.1 or 2 channels accepts SRS Surround Round II can range outputDirectDVD 6.1 digital audio navigation features and special? DirectDVD allows you to access advanced features and special on your DVD. Use advanced navigation DirectShow DVD filters, users can easily switch between the screen and the title? DVD BookmarksThe first and only DVD player with 3D technology favorites. Easy to navigate with special marks 3D/Directshow Allow recording images and boot directly.? Advanced Audio input SupportDirectDVD Surround sound support Dolby / SRS / DTS / Sony and other technology providers around. We provide the strongest support for the default import and we must build a chain system.? Clear View PictureVMR DVD-VMR and control system image quality EVR ensures that your picture quality is always the best quality. In accordance with the specifications of your computer system and is built to avoid losses and to.? Direct support for direct download DVD IFO? Download DVD movies directly from DVD IFO files! DVD movies on an external device can now be played directly into DirectDVD use auxiliary program IFO. Just click to load IFO and see.? 10 band EQ and Spectrum / levelsView live audio output controller with special 3D Digital Spectrum and 5.1 meters. See what activities your DVD content to show and test the system response to noise levels.

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