Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PC Confidential 2005.2.221 [32bit-64bit] Torrent Download

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Version: 2005.2.221
Category: Security|Security Related
Developer: Winferno Software
Size: 12 mb

PC Confidential

PC Confidential torrent

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What is new:

PC Confidential is a useful application that will permanently destroy all traces of Internet history and other private files! Be monitored? As soon as you turn on your computer ... Little programs come to life and gradually collect all the web pages, files, images, video clips, e-mails and chat rooms that you look. And this information is available to anyone who is looking for it! No need to wait explosion.PC Confidential, extra power to the hard disk cleaner, running a two-step approach to protect your privacy: PC Confidential deep scans your computer to find incriminating stories, which are often hidden and can be considered the various locations. PC Confidential thoroughly destroys and shreds of evidence. Using the latest technology and standards of the Department of Defense, even very sophisticated program for $ 7000 can not download files, hacked PC Confidential.Here are some key features of PC Confidential:? Delete Internet History - Internet history is a detailed record stores a list of every website you've ever visited. Its easy access to the browser window, press the button and everyone can see where you have been surfing the web!? Clears Google, Yahoo and MSN Search History (Auto-Complete) - Auto-complete is a function that stores a list of everything you type a website. Which means that your name, email address, credit card numbers, address, and passwords, Auto Complete History could all be saved. If a hacker were to break into your computer, this is exactly the kind of information they look like.? Also, someone starts a search box (like Google or Yahoo), you can drop down menu, with every search you've ever written.? Deletes the cache - cache is a place to store information, such as web pages, images, text, online videos and other bits and pieces. These are all recorded in the hard drive - do you have clicked or not. Only by opening this folder, everyone can see where you've been on the internet, you've watched the pictures, you've watched the videos, and much more!? Deletes Cookies - sites leave cookies on your computer when you visit them. These flakes can be seen online passes.? Cookies are useful things to keep in mind the automatic log-ins. PC Confidential is easy to use, so you can decide which cookies you want to keep and what you want to delete.? Hard to find and destroy the locked index.dat file - This file contains a comprehensive overview of their online activities. (Internet history, internet cache, cookies, and web). It is how Windows was created, it is not possible to hand out ... ever.? Permanently shreds files and folders - Ultra-powerful PC Confidentials powerful file shredding exceed Clear, clean Matrix requirements of the Department of Defense standard for ensuring that the pieces can not be recovered.? While the sector analysis technology available ultra-sophisticated programs can not find the $ 7000 or hacked files on a PC Confidential.? Removes the list of recent documents - Windows keeps track of every document you open the computer and store them in a list. Anyone who has access to your computer can see this list and directly connected to any of the items you have opened.? Remove Windows temporary files - Temporary Internet files can be graphics, web site, a cookie, video files, etc. If someone opens the temporary files so that they can see everything, I Dis 've seen his recent internet sessions. They see pictures, videos, text, and more than you would have seen it.? To remove Windows Media Player, Real Player and QuickTime Player History - every song you listen to, watch the movie trailer, or other media, on the Internet at the same time when you download are stored and kept a list. And when you open Windows Media Player, you can see the full list of its media history.? To remove AOL, MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messenger Chat Logs - Each instant messaging cha ...

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